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The National Eucharistic Revival: For your reflection

The National Eucharistic Revival is a 3-year effort to increase understanding and devotion to our Lord’s presence in the Eucharist. While the parish-level phase will begin next year, each of us can begin this journey of discernment and encounter through personal reflection. This series of articles is one way to do that.

Can I have some help, please? (Part 3)

Earlier in this series I mentioned an article by someone who summarized his struggles with the Eucharist this way: “Can we stop talking about the Eucharist as though it is simple to understand and easy to accept?”

This is, I think, a cry from the heart of someone who wants to believe and yet struggles. In other words, they are not rejecting our belief, they simply haven’t yet come to a place where they can fully embrace it. Rather than criticize a person like this, we need to find ways to help them and a great way to start is with prayer.

This week…

  • If possible, think of someone you know who struggles with our understanding of the Eucharist. If you can’t think of a specific person, then think of a specific group or demographic – young people, for example.
  • Specifically, prayer for that person or group each day this week. Do more than a quick petition. You might, for example, picture the person in your mind along with the Eucharist. Then imagine the two images coming together.
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