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Be a better disciple – learn about the Mass!

Research by Dynamic Catholic revealed four characteristics of a committed disciple of Christ. Last fall we set some parish goals based on this.

• Prayer: Every parishioner will develop a routine of prayer, praying for at least 15 minutes each day

• Knowledge & Fellowship: Every parishioner will commit 1.5 hours per week learning more about their faith and every parishioner will be engaged in some parish group or activity outside of weekly Mass

• Stewardship: Every parishioner will make a prayerful commitment of time, talent, and treasure to the service of the parish and others

• Evangelization: Every parishioner, given the context of their daily lives and the gifts they possess, will share the Gospel message in word and / or deed

They are challenging goals, and over the last several months we have provided ways to help you improve in these areas. We hope some of those opportunities have worked for you.

Here’s a suggestion that may help you in the Knowledge & Fellowship category. We recently ran across a series of exceptional videos on the Mass. They are hosted by a friar from the Holy Name Province. Best of all, they are short and geared for the average parishioner! So many video series on the Mass appear to have been written for theology graduates and liturgists. We found these to be so much better! Find the videos on YouTube by searching for Understanding the Mass Breaking in the Habit. You should find the trailer and 6 other videos.

If you have children and youth in your house, may we suggest watching them as a family? And, watch 1 a week?

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