Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

Are you:

A baptized Catholic but never confirmed?
A non-Catholic but attending Mass with your Catholic spouse?
Interested in moving toward a deeper relationship with Christ in the Catholic faith?

If those questions apply to you or to someone you know, we’d like to talk! Please call Fr. Kevin
at the parish office (727) 541-4447 or speak with him after Mass or email Lisa Gunnin, Faith Formation Coordinator, at sacredfaithformation@gmail.com

We can discuss the specifics of your situation and what the parish can offer. Keep in mind that this conversation doesn’t commit you to anything. So, if the Spirit is moving in your heart, let’s talk!

Sessions: begin with 9:30am Mass on Sunday and then meet in the Marian Room in the Church until Noon. Anyone interested in this process needs to attend every weekly session and related activities, as well as take part in special Rites as students move from one stage to the next. Rites usually take place at a Sunday Liturgy during the seasons of Advent and Lent.

RCIA Team member: If you wish to become a member of the “RCIA Team,” serving as a Sponsor, Facilitator or Welcomer, requirements are that you must be a practicing Catholic and a person who is committed and willing to walk on a JOURNEY of FAITH alongside candidates who need support, guidance and witnessing of what living and practicing faith as taught by the Catholic Church looks like in practical living. For more information, please contact Lisa Gunnin, Faith Formation Coordinator, at (727) 541-4447 or via email sacredfaithformation@gmail.com

New to Catholicism or looking for more information

on the Catholic Church, Catholic Beliefs or Catholic Teachings?

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