Adoration of the Holy Eucharist


Wednesdays: 6:30-8pm
First Fridays of each month: after the 8am Mass until 6pm; then Mass at 6pm.

Eucharistic Adoration (or Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament) offers a disciple of Christ the opportunity to pray before the real presence of Jesus. At the beginning of the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, a priest or deacon removes the sacred host from the tabernacle and places it in the monstrance, a special holder used to display the consecrated host, on the altar for adoration by the faithful. At Sacred Heart we offer a combination of communal prayer and time for individual prayer and reflection.

The Sacred Congregation of Rites writes, “The exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, for which either a monstrance or a ciborium may be used, stimulates the faithful to an awareness of the marvelous presence of Christ and is an invitation to spiritual communion with Him. It is therefore an excellent encouragement to offer Him that worship in spirit and truth which is His due” (Instruction on Eucharistic Worship, May 1967).

We encourage our parishioners and all disciples to take advantage of these times for prayer and mediation before our Lord. “The visit to the Blessed Sacrament is a great treasure of the Catholic faith. It nourishes social love and gives us opportunities for adoration and thanksgiving, for reparation and supplication. Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Holy Hours, and Eucharistic processions are likewise precious element of your heritage–in full accord with the teaching of the Second Vatican Council” (St. Pope John Paul II, remarks at Phoenix Park, Ireland, Oct. 1, 1979).

Additionally, our chapel is open for prayer in the presence of the tabernacle Mon., Tues,. Thurs. and Fri. 7:30am to 6pm, Wednesdays 7:30am to 8pm, and Saturdays 7:30am to 4pm.


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