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High School Youth

In everything we do with the youth – programming, games, and activities – we seek to introduce them to Jesus and encourage them to live as His disciple.

Weekly Sessions

Sacred Heart’s High School Youth Group meets most Sunday evenings from 6 to 8pm. We typically play 4-square* as everyone arrives and then transition into a light dinner. (We’re currently providing pizza but will soon start cooking for ourselves!) Some group games and icebreakers follow as we move into the night’s session topic. We choose these to be applicable to the daily lives of the youth and we work hard to incorporate activities and discussion into the sessions. It isn’t just talk.

Trips & Big Events
We know that “big” trips and events can make a significant impact in the lives of the youth. The group has 3 on the calendar right now.

Covecrest – LifeTeen Summer Camp, June 22-27, 2020

Covecrest is incredible! The camp, located in Tiger, GA, is run by LifeTeen Ministries who are experts in leading teens closer to Christ. Each week they bring in a highly talented musician and an experienced speaker to present a powerful and challenging program. Add to this a high and low ropes, white water rafting, “messy games,” and the obstacle course and you have the makings of a tremendous, life changing, week!
We’re taking deposits now through Dec. 22nd. We hope you can be with us!

Good Samaritan Project, June 22-27, 2020
This is a week of service sponsored by our diocese. We’ll “live” at Bishop McLaughlin High School in Pasco County, then, each day, join up with other youth groups to perform service for individuals and organizations. We’ll be “Good Samaritans!” (Last year, we painted a house!) The days are all different and the evenings feature music, games, Mass and programming. There’s still room on this year’s trip. As you can see, this trip conflicts with our Covecrest week. If you can’t make Covecrest but would like to participate in GSP let Fr. Kevin know. We’ll see if we can get you connected to another parish who will be participating.

Youth Week, 2020
We’re currently planning our first Youth Week for early August and are hoping to get several neighboring parishes to join us. We’ll gather mid-afternoon each day for an activity then, following supper, we’ll dig into our theme**. This will be a great way to get ready for the start of school. You can share some time of fun and fellowship with other youth who want to live as disciples of Christ.

**We haven’t picked the theme yet. Have a suggestion? Let us know!

What can you do?

Are you a high school youth? Join us each Sunday! Yes, it may be a bit awkward at first and it may take a few weeks to feel comfortable. It will be worth it. We think you’ll enjoy the sessions, meet great people, and (seriously) change your life as you learn and live out your faith.

Are you a parent? Encourage (beg, bribe…) them to go each Sunday. We honestly think this is more important than many other things the youth do and should be a priority. Did you know that attendance at youth groups like ours is a predictor of whether they’ll stay connected to their faith in their young adult years?

Are you an adult who has a heart for youth? The key to youth ministry is relationships. Maybe you told your parents everything that happened in your life, but most youth don’t. Mentors can be the adults with whom the youth share their joys and struggles and, since the youth have a wide range of interests and personalities, we need an equally diverse leadership team. It is a crazy important role. Let us know if you’d like to explore this. It is a commitment. We’ll need you nearly every Sunday and there is background screening and training to do. Believe us, it is all worth it. Contact Fr. Kevin (frkevinyarnell@gmail.com) to start a conversation.

*Without going into the rules, 4-square is a game played on a court divided into four large squares, one player per square. A volleyball is hit from square to square and, in the most competitive rallies, the action can be fast, fun, and demand athleticism. We find that 4-square is a great way for the adults to interact with the youth and for the youth to meet new people. The game moves quickly and even when waiting in line, great conversations happen.

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