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Vaccine Confusion

There is already plenty of discussion and confusion about the COVID vaccines. People are rightly concerned about safety and it is still not particularly easy for many to get a shot. The Church does not want to add another layer of difficulty to your decision even as it expresses concern over the methods used to develop and produce the vaccines.

Here is the bottom line as found in a recent statement from the United States Bishops. First, you are encouraged to get the vaccine unless your doctor advices against it. Second, if you have the ability to choose which vaccine to take, it is morally better to choose the Pfizer or Moderna’s vaccines rather than the Johnson & Johnson option. Most of us will not have an option and, if that is the case, the Church tells us that any of these vaccines is morally permissible. You can read the full text of the Bishop’s statements at https://www.dosp.org/u-s-bishop-chairmen-for-doctrine-and-for-pro-life-address-the-use-of-the-johnson-johnson-covid-19-vaccine/

Vaccine Confusion was last modified: April 15th, 2021 by Sacred Heart Catholic Church

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