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Ever have trouble putting a name with a face (or a face to a name)? We do, and we’re hoping you can help us with that. Our parish database allows us to store pictures and we want to add yours. That way, when we’re struggling to put a face to a name, we can look it up! It will be a great help to the staff.

In fact, we’ve already been experimenting with this. We scanned all the pictures from the last parish pictorial directory and added them to the database. It certainly has helped, but there aren’t that many pictures and some in the directory are a bit outdated.

So, we’d like you to email us a picture of you and /or a picture of your family. We’re not going to publish it in any way. It will just be used by the staff, so any picture (school pictures of the kids, a family shot from last vacation or this year’s Christmas card, a selfie, anything!) will be fine.

The best one for our purpose will be one where we can clearly see the faces.
Email the picture to Fr.Kevin (frkevinyarnell@gmail.com)

Thanks for the help!

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