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Attending a daily Mass? Pleassssssssse…

We want to make daily mass as safe and comfortable as possible and will be following guidelines given to us by our diocese. Here are a few changes and actions that are required:

  • The hymnals have been removed and we are not permitted to provide missals or sheets with the daily antiphons.
  • Individuals may bring their own missals in order to participate in offering the antiphons.
  • You must always maintain a 6-foot physical distance. This includes entering and leaving the church, in the parking lot, and especially while in the Communion line.
  • Sit only in pews marked with green tape and only at the end of the pews (the aisle seats).
  • Do not hold hands during the Lord’s Prayer.
  • The Sign of Peace will be omitted.
  • The celebrant will wear a face covering during the distribution of communion.
  • Holy Communion will only be given in the hand.
Attending a daily Mass? Pleassssssssse… was last modified: May 31st, 2020 by Sacred Heart Catholic Church

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