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Do you have trouble hearing the Mass?

Yes, we know. The excessive echo in the church makes it hard to hear clearly. Why this is the case and why it is hard to fix is a rather long story (which I’m happy to share with you, should you be interested). The more important question is, “What can be done?”

We continue to talk to people with expertise in this area. (Sadly, they do not agree on a course of action.) And, near the end of the summer, we’ll be installing some acoustic tile on the back wall of the church. In the meantime, the best thing you can do if you have trouble hearing is to make use of our “Hearing Assist” units.

Pick one up in the ministry room located off the hallway on the café / library side of the narthex. Bring your own headphones / ear buds or borrow ours. The unit picks up the signal directly from the sound system and delivers it to your ear eliminating the echo. You can easily control the volume as well. Please return the unit to the ministry room after Mass so it can recharge and be used by others.

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