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Use your social media to help us reach our parishioners and others!

Since you are reading this bulletin, we know that you likely attend Mass. That means you probably know what goes on here at Sacred Heart. Now consider those who cannot attend Mass yet. They may not know the good things happening at the parish. They may not know that we have online ways to help them on their spiritual journey. While we do our best to get this information to all our parishioners, our reach is limited. Now consider the number of people we could reach if you and other parishioners posted or reposted things about the parish. Will you help us? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Post something about Mass each week. Even a simple “It felt good to be at Mass today!” would be a tremendous witness.
  • Post something about an event you will be attending: “I’m looking forward to…. at Sacred Heart parish on…”
  • Repost something from our Facebook page or the weekly E.T.C to share some good news.
  • Post an invitation to watch the weekly homily on our YouTube channel.
  • Post an invitation to watch Fr. Kevin’s Bible study series on the parables.

You will be helping the parish AND practicing evangelization! Thanks!

Use your social media to help us reach our parishioners and others! was last modified: November 15th, 2020 by Sacred Heart Catholic Church

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