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Teens, did you miss the “float” and “challenge” session?

The senior high youth group continues to meet every Sunday evening from 6-8pm, gathering near the school playground by the (newly resurfaced, almost finished) 4-square court. (We move indoors if it rains.) Throughout the evening the teens engage in 8 to 10 segments – “Did you know?” “Catacomb Moment” “UBIS”, “Hot Topic” “Prayer” and “Hack / Bodge” are a few examples. (We’ll be happy to explain what a bodge is!)

Two weeks ago, many of the segments focused on the theme of “Float.” We talked about walking on water (Do your shoes get wet? Do you have to step over the waves?), got a short physics lesson and demonstration on why some things float and not others (Mountain Dew sinks, Red Bull floats, for example), and ate the perfect summer treat – a root beer float!

If you missed last week, you missed CASH! Seriously. The segments focused on a theme of “Challenge.” After some physical and mental challenges, we turned to a spiritual challenge. Make the best possible use of $20.00. Any youth that accepted the challenge and agreed to share what they did with the rest of the group received a fresh-from-the-ATM twenty-dollar bill!

Join us this Sunday night. Meet some great teens and grow in your faith!

(Please remember the required permission forms – registration, the communications and medical release, and COVID Waiver. You can find them hereat sacredheartpinellaspark.com -> About -> Parish Forms).

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