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Sunday Mass Obligation to Resume

Effective May 22, 2021 Bishop Parkes has reinstated the general obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of obligation (including the Vigil Mass at 4pm or later on the previous day).

However, there are still specific instances where the dispensation will continue. For example, if you are ill or part of the high risk population or if you exhibit flu-like symptoms or if you have good reason to think you might be asymptomatic (e.g., you were in contact with someone who tested positive for a contagious illness such as COVID) you are not obligated to attend Mass.

Those who do not physically attend Mass are still required to observe the Lord’s Day. You can do this by tuning into our livestream of the 9:30am Mass and receiving in-car communion (yes, we will still be offering this despite the lift of the general dispensation).

If you have any questions please contact the office or see Bishop Parkes’ official statement about the Sunday Mass obligation at https://www.dosp.org/bishop-gregory-parkes-announces-catholic-massobligation-to-resume-may-22nd/

Sunday Mass Obligation to Resume was last modified: May 22nd, 2021 by Sacred Heart Catholic Church

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